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Florida Conference on Recent Advances in Robotics
and Robot Showcase

FCRAR 2006, Miami, Florida, May 25-26, 2006

Paper Review Information for Reviewers

Please click on FCRAR 2006 Paper Review Form to download the form.

After completing your review, please enter the followings on the Paper Review Form:

  • Paper No: The paper sent to you in pdf format has a filename as follows: "FCRAR2006-PXX-Author1-Author2.pdf" where PXX represents the paper number. For instance, P16 will represent paper number 16.
  • Paper Title: The first few words of the paper title
  • Authors: First two author names
  • Reviewer: Reviewer name
  • Your evaluation
  • Send the review form to tosun@fiu.edu as attachment.
Suggested changes will be compiled and sent to the first author for revision without indicating reviewers' names.

FCRAR 2006 Paper Review Form




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