Professional Certificate Program: Robotics Engineering

Professional Certificate in Robotics Engineering
Sabri Tosunoglu, PhD, Coordinator

The Professional Certificate Program in Robotics Engineering is intended to provide both traditional students and practicing professionals with learning experiences that enhance their design capabilities in the area of Robotics Engineering.

This certificate program focuses on both basic engineering science and practical applications of robotic system design. Interested applicants must contact the department chairperson or the coordinator of the certificate program prior to registering for the program.

The certificate will be awarded to students who successfully pass the listed group of five courses with a minimum grade of C or better:
  • EML 4804 Introduction to Mechatronics (3)
  • EML 4806 Modeling and Control of Robots (3)
  • EML 4809 Robot Design (3)
  • EML 4823 Introduction to Sensors and Signal Processing (3)
  • EML 4911 Undergraduate Research Experience (3)
Some of the courses listed above may require additional prerequisites or permission of the program coordinator.


To register, fill out the CERTIFICATE APPLICATION FORM (click here to see the pdf file, fill in the blanks on screen, and then print the form), sign, scan and submit the form in PDF format to Dr. Sabri Tosunoglu.

Steps to Receive the Professional Certificate in Robotics Engineering:

Note that in order for the Professional Certificate in Robotics Engineering to appear in your FIU transcript, you need to follow the following steps:
  • Complete, date and sign the application form and submit it to Dr. Tosunoglu.
  • After completing all the requirements (after securing passing grades from all five courses listed above), see one of the departmental undergraduate advisors who will review your latest transcript, verify that the required courses have been taken and passing grades were received, stamp, date and sign the transcript, and hand it to you.
  • Take the signed transcript to the departmental secretary to process your certificate with the university. As soon as the registrar's office processes your certitifcation, your transcript should indicate that you did receive the Professional Certificate in Robotics Engineering.
  • The department will also present your Professional Certificate to you during the awards ceremony that takes place in the next available Industrial Advisory Board meeting.

Dr. Sabri Tosunoglu  
Carmen Schenck Florida International University
FIU Engineering Center Engineering Center
Room EC 3254 Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Phone: 305-348-4183 10555 West Flagler Street
E-mail:         Miami, Florida 33174

Dr. Sabri Tosunoglu, Coordinator, Professional Certificate in Robotics Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering, FIU, Miami, Florida