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Z-Corp Z510 3D Color Printer

Features include:
Rapid Prototype
10" x 14" x 8" build size capacity
Plaster based material that can be treated with epoxy type infiltrates that will strengthen model and make it much more durable
Moving parts can be printed if designed and assembled with .005 clearance using any solid model CAD system.
Machine accepts STL, 3DS, and VRML file formats.

Vertical Machining Center (by Fadal)
  The VMC-15XT is a 3-axis VMC and has a horsepower range of 150 to 7500 rpm at 30 ft-lbs peak torque. Work envelope is 20" X x 16" Y x 20" Z. Rapid Feed Rate is 400"/Minute.
CNC Lathe (by Roberts)
  The lathe can produce parts having up to 6" in diameter and up to 12" long.
Stereolithography Machine (by 3D)
  Provides highly accurate solid imaging capabilities, building extremely precise concept models of small intricate parts. The SLA-250/40 provides rapid prototyping capabilites with unattended build operation as well as Quick Cast methods for investment casting applications.
Fused Deposition Modeling Machine (by Stratasys Inc.)
  The FDM 1650 Rapid Prototyping machine builds high strength functional prototype models by depositing semi-liquid thermoplastic material in ultra-thin layers. Available materials include ABS, investment casting and elastomers. Part build time can take from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on part complexity.
Brown & Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machine
  The Xcel 7107 can gather dimensional data from complex parts. Uses include Reverse Engineering, Design Analysis, Part Inspection and Process Control. Measuring range is 31" X x 63" Y and 27" Z.
Other Equipment
  Mitutoyo Profile Projector
Two 9”x 35” Knee mills with Anilam CNC Controllers
One 9” x 35” Manual knee mill
6” x 18” flat grinder
Hardinge Tool room lathe
Horizontal Band sawVertical Band saw
Belt sanders and pedestal grinders
Miscellaneous measuring and inspection tools
Miscellaneous fixturing devices and hand tools

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